Would anyone be interested In joining Blenderartists Game?Starting Members list

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I’ve had this idea for a little while now. I was thinking we get all the blenderheads over here to start a game for the forum. Only people that want to do will join. So if you dont want to join it you dont have it.

For the game… I was thinking we made a mortal combat styled game. Everyone makes there own character and names it after there screen name. Also you have to give them some background info(YOU CAN MAKE THIS PART UP), like where hes/she’s from, ect.

I realize that there are some draw backs. Not everyone can texture, and no texture artist would want anyone telling them how to make there textures…Also for the animation. I was thinking that someone makes a rig and does all the basic animation, walk, run, jump, punch,kick, crouch and everyone just adds there own special moves or make there own rig.

The game is going to be a Racing kart game. Something like Mario Kart.
You will be able to pick up random items in the game that will help you win the race.
If you would like to Join this project and fully help out please post it and I will add your name to the Members list. If you want to only add your kart/character and still want to be part of the team, post it and I will add your name to the Contributing Members list.
Also please tell me if you want to be Animator, modeler, level design, or a texture artist.

Odeas[Level Design]
Minifig[Texture artist]
Zootanore[Modeler/Level Design]
Contributing Members

I like the everyone makes their own character thing, but I’m not much into the mortal combat style of gameplay…
A third person platformer is more my thing. :yes:

Sounds like a good idea!

I would also like to help, but i wouldnt get to spend to much time on it.:smiley:

Thanks for your replies! I’m down for any type of game. I just really think everyone should make there own character(under 5k tris?) and give it there own info about him. And should make a few things for the game.

What about a third person like minifig said:D

Okay. So a 3rd person game it is… What about Gladiator type game, that has first and 3rd person views?

I like that idea!

It could show good potential!:smiley:

Okay. Well I hope more people see this…

I can help. I won’t be able to give as much as normal because I already have a project…butjust tell me what you want done and I will do it…anything. Also, will this be online multiplayer?

Maybe if its not to hard. The only way I’m going to start this is if I have a really good team.

I tried something like this once, I didn’t get very far, but I learned a lot. the hardest part is the combat system.

It will be very hard to get the animations to work as combat.

Yeah…Well we can think of something…These are just ideas…

Here is my minifigure model!


Minifig.blend (87.2 KB)

Minifig…I saw your post about starting a Super Smash bros remake…Why not make this a Game like that. We could call it BlenderArtists Brawl or somthing.?

I was thinking that this should be a bit simpler though…

Yeah something everyone can learn from would be good…

Well dude I’m out of ideas. What about like a Tower Defense Game?? Some sort of RPG?

Something like this game could work: http://armorgames.com/play/3536/platform-racing-2

this sounds rad, and i’d be very interested in helping. however, i think that a smash bros remake is not a very creative use of time. something more original sounds a lot more enticing.

a platform racer would be awesome - I really like braid - little big planet - puzzle / problem solving platforms are awesome - especially multiplayer