would anyone here be interested in playing Age of Mythology online?

hey fellow Blenderheads,

so, I just created an ESO account ([sarcasm]try and guess what my name is[/sarcasm] :rolleyes: yep, it’s “MeshWeaver” again), and I was wondering if anyone would like to create a BlenderArtists “Clan/Group”-thing - I was looking through the AoM Online options, and I noticed the “Create Team” button.

This is my first time using ESO, btw - I usually stick to computer players. However, I’ve become curious about playing on ESO mainly because of Mario Kart Wii - I’ve played online fairly often in MKWii, it’s really fun (and on a side note, kinda interesting to see who’s from where - I like to play Worldwide) :slight_smile:
I haven’t played any online matches yet, but I plan on trying soon to see what it’s like.

Anyway, would anyone be interested in the Team idea? I don’t know how to add Friends yet or how the system works, but I’d definitely like to try it out.

There’s a detail I’d like to mention about matches, though - I know there’s a Language Filter option in AoM, but I’d like to keep the swearing to a reasonable level :yes: there are a few I wouldn’t mind having pop up from time to time, stuff like “oh crap”, “dammit”, etc, but in a not-really-serious way :wink: hahaha, it’s just that I’ve heard about some other online games on consoles like the Xbox where people/teams swear at each-other like crazy, and I’d like to avoid that if possible; I think it would kinda take away from the fun of the game…

anyway, before I type you to sleep, I’ll cut this post off. just reply if you’re interested :slight_smile:

p.s. if you’re wondering about a schedule, I usually play AoM at night after 8pm - my timezone is GMT-5, btw

edit - btw, if we do try a game someday, I’d suggest using the actual CD (if you can) to run the game to avoid potential connection problems. I read on Microsoft’s help site that using a no-CD crack or similar can cause problems. I used to have no-CD cracks for AoE1&2 plus the AoMs, but I got rid of them a while back…

re-edit - I just checked AoE2, and ESO doesn’t work for it; instead it’s something called The Zone. I think I’ll stick to AoM and AoE3 then…

P.P.S. if you’re interested, please note your ESO Nickname in your post - will be easier to set things up if we know our names

lol sounds cool if only I played those games >_____<’’

so I just tried my first online match, and I got stuck with someone’s custom map - they basically outnumbered me and my ally 100-to-1 from the get-go, lol, and I was wondering what I was doing wrong… :stuck_out_tongue: fun though

Get Age of empires III + all the expansion and latest patches and I’ll slaughter you online for free!

well, I have AoE3 + War Chiefs, but not Asian Dynasties. to be honest I don’t play AoE3 as much as AoM, but yeah, I’d like to try it :smiley: only problem is it tends to run slower than real-time on my laptop…stupid gfx card. sometimes it’s horribly slow, especially when I use cannons, and…I like using cannons :frowning:

edit - I’d like to wait and see if anyone else is interested before confirming anything though


…really? just one person so far? :frowning:

on another note, I’ve been playing online against various people, and it’s great (except the way some people talk, haha) I’m looking forward to playing again tonight… though to be honest the stupid “Your CD Key cannot currently be validated” message I get whenever I try to log on to ESO is highly annoying. :mad:

I might be interested. Just recently finished the campaign myself but haven’t tried online yet. You’ll have to walk me through the setup procedure because even with my firewall configured it’s a 50-50 chance that I can get a game to work online (C&C 3 no problems, Generals won’t log in, AoE III connects 20% of the time, etc.)


it’s actually quite simple to set up, I think. I’ve never hosted a Match so far, but it seems fairly straightforward - basically choose the options and go… I have a map in mind, I tried it last night and it was fun, and quite big.

so, could insert your ESO name in your post? it would be easier to set things up if we know our names. I’m “MeshWeaver”, as usual :slight_smile: once you add yours up there I’ll add you as a Friend

I’d probably be ready around/past 9pm GMT-5 (aka East Coast USA) or maybe a bit later, so try to log in to AoM (not expansion, I can’t get it to work at all for some reason) around that time and we could try it out :smiley: