Would appreciate some feedback on "game ready" subject

Hi everyone
I would like to get some outside opinions on if this candle holder model would be acceptable to be described as “game ready”, and if not, what you think would need to be adjusted.
Verts: 4987 Faces: 8673 Tris: 9906
no non-manifolds
hand made uv + textures included (4k or 2k)

Screenshot of the textured model + wireframe:

UV Map:

I’d add the blender file, but since I’m complete new here I’m not allowed to add any files to the post.

Thanks for the feedback.

The candle-bases could use some sharp edges to them, and the islands on your UV-Map aren’t used up properly. You could move some of the smaller islands into the rings and into the other gaps… this way you will gain more room to stretch the entire content and get more texture detail. :slight_smile:

Other than that… I think it’s a good looking candle holder

Thanks a lot, those are very useful tipps! So far I always skipped UV work entirely (since it’s not really an enjoyable thing), just using automated solutions since I created stuff mostly for personal renders only, but I’d like to expand skills and dealing with UV properly is an important part.
Do you think the polycount is fine for what it is?

As a hero object that would be good. As something in the background it should have less polys and no custom texture. It could even be made of two planes if far enough away. To make it more general game ready it should have 3 LODs. One higher poly than this, this plus the cards. It all really depends on the game and what it is used for in the game.

To save on UV space if it was going to have a custom texture all the arms should have the same overlapping UVs. So 8 arms all taking up the same UV space.

Thank you for the feedback! I do have a high poly option, but was hoping that this count could pass as general “low poly” well enough. What dou you mean by “plus the cards” if I may ask?

As for the UV arms part: am I understanding you correctly, you would use the same bit of texture for all 8 arms?

A card is a square flat surface with a picture of the object on it. They use this for trees sometimes that are far away as a flat 2d picture takes less resources. In the case of this 2 cards could cover all the arms and would look pretty good from far away. Put a normal on the cards to make it look better from further away.

Same bit of texture. Same texture space. Whatever you want to call it. Same thing. Since you only can only see about one arm at a time the illusion should keep up if all the arms have the same texture.

Thanks for the advice!

What you describe is typically called an ‘imposter’ in the biz.

Where did you see someone call it that?

It’s just what it’s called. I could find many examples, but here’s just one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rp7--dMGDkg

Definitely set aside some time to practice with UVs. While the automatic options are very nice, and might be a good starting point, proficiency in this area can really make a difference. (Likewise a completely different art-form: “texture painting,” where you “spray-paint” textures onto things.)