Would Cycles ignore my textures?

So I have a really old computer (8yrs old using WinXP with 3GB RAM) and I have 12 textures (each 2K, 19MB total) - when I render, four of the maps don’t work, but they do work when rendered individually. When rendering the whole scene (not too complex - 200,000 polys) those 4 materials averages the colours (ignoring the maps) and displays that. Does Cycles do that? Will it work in Blender internal? Or maybe there’s a workaround? Any help will be appreciated.

Can you please post a screenshot of your node setup / blend file?

Also, each 2k map takes up approximately 4MB of ram due to the texture map being uncompressed during rendering…so that would be 48 meg of ram being used for texture data (unless its high bitdepth images in which case could be much larger)

Sounds like somethings getting messed up with the uvs - please post a screenshot of your nodes

What they said, and I’m curious what you needed 12 textures for

I had the same problem in Blender 2.67b, but it is solved in 2.68 RC1. I think this version will be released into a week.

Problem fixed. Thank you guys for responding.

Thanks a lot doublebishop, it WAS the bit depth - they were unnecessarily 16bit, converted them to 8 and it rendered all the textures. It turns out cycles will drop textures if the machine can’t handle it-I was hoping size wouldn’t matter and that it would just take a lot longer to render.

gregzaal: Amazing work on the En Passant.

VickyM72: I am experimenting with some mech stuff while getting to know the UV-Texture Painting workflow. If you mean to say I could’ve cut down from 12, your absolutely right! Its just that I’m kinda new to Blender and found the UV process a little too fiddly so I left all the parts separate.

elbrujodelatribu: I tried 2.68 RC1 still didn’t work

I’ve got files that use more than 50 :stuck_out_tongue:

50??? I’m guessing it was a super-high res image rendered on a super-computer! At 1K per image with multiple textures per object, you could potentially render a life-size poster (OK, maybe not life-size but close!).