would it be any interest in this kind of plugins ?

(tomaswoj) #1

recently i moved most of my activities more into code :). natural phenomenas are in core area of my interest. anyway i did some ‘development’ in generating sky color [with animation] and clouds/clouds color also with animation

these fx can be seen here:
and here

and wonder if there would be any interest in developing it as a blender plugin [sth like a skytracer for lightwave] ? of course they are in early stage at the moment, but if You people would be interested in this kind of plugins i would take the challenge and write them :), need a kind of motivation :))

so do not hesitate to reply :slight_smile:

Tomek Wojtowicz

(eeshlo) #2

Good work!
A long time ago I actually also thought about creating a similar plugin to this (based on SunSky), so I would definitly be very interested in seeing this!

(Pablosbrain) #3

Anything that can bring Blender more resources.
It looks like it would be a great addition!

(Sprite) #4

That looks very cool. :slight_smile:
Out of curiousity, how does one program a plug-in for Blender? By using a Python script or hard-code it in C?

(tomaswoj) #5

dunno yet :slight_smile:
but will work on it extensively in near future :slight_smile:
i would rather code it in c++ than python, since it’s already coded in it, but have no idea yet how to integrate with blender ;/

python scares me a little ( esp. lack of “{” and “}” :))

this plugin will have/ should have lot of parameters, so some dialog boxes will be necessary too, and all it’s animatable, turbulence, wind, etc,etc… so from my point of view the c++ is the right choice

anyway, if someone did sth like this before ( ex. integrate their own c++ procedures with blender somehow) his help would be grateful


(rivenwanderer) #6

I don’t know if it would be helpful, but I’ve got some experience in tweaking Blender’s world settings combined with procedurally textured domes to look somewhat sky-like…

(macke) #7

I believe you could make this a texture plugin, but I’m not really sure about wether or not the texture plugin API is well enough to handle this kind of stuff. Otherwise you could of course render standalone and map onto a sphere or something in blender. Either way, skies are quite hard to get right in cg and if a truly well made sky generator (with cloud layers at different altitudes etc. etc.) can be made I don’t think many people would mind just mapping onto a sphere or something =)

(stephen2002) #8

I think that this would be great! Esepcially if you somehow combined it with arragning lamps so that you get the lighting along with the sky. I think that LW skytracer does a simlaer thing. And I also belive that it generates the clouds and stuff as a texture map and automatically puts it on a sphere for you.