Would it be possible to create and render HDRI scenes with Blender for lighting?

Hi there.
I found this software (HDRI Sky Generator):

So this software has led me a question.

I admit I do not know much about HDRI and maybe my question is stupid. But, would it be possible to create HDRI scenes using only Blender, and then save them as HDRI format and it can be used as environment lighting with Blender? Skies, landscapes, etc…

Set up your scene as you like it, then render with camera set to Panoramic > Equirectangular and save the render out as an .EXR file. Boom!

Ok, thanks. I’ll do some tests then.

I know Cycles is physically accurate. But my question is, what technical differences would have compared to a HDRI generated with multiple photos or mirror ball? Using that .EXR generated with blener, I Would I get better results than using a simple jpg/png panoramic photograph?

Yes, I had participated in that thread. Since some time I’m trying to understand how a HDRI works, but I have even more questions than answers.
I did not understand very well the method of multiple photos to create a HDRl. I have not tried mirror ball method yet. For now the only thing I have clear is that panoramic jpg/png photos (non HDRi) are not good for lighting. So, I just try to find easy ways to generate HDRi images for enviroment lighting.