Would it be possible to rotate a bone on its tail?

So if the middle bone has IK, how could I get the top bone to rotate on its tail when I move the middle bone up and down. I’m looking for the same effect as when you move the middle bone in edit mode, except without the stretching. Any help is appreciated!

Add a new bone at the same position as the top bone’s tail. Add Damped Track(or Stretch To, depending on whether you’d like the bone’s length to change) constraint to top bone, with the new bone as target.

Your solution works when I use the Stretch To constraint, but not when I use the Damped Track constraint. Any idea why this might be?

I fixed my issue by applying an IK constraint to the top bone and then targeting it towards an empty at the same coordinates as the top bone’s tail. It also seems to help if you remove the IK from the middle bone and just have it on the top bone. I hope this helps anyone who’s having a similar issue.