Would it crash? 2x 780ti and 1 titan x

Heey guys,

would blender crash if the memory usage lets say 8GB? or it would use 8GB out of the titan x and use the Cuda power from the 780ti’s and the titan x? (as far as i know blender don’t split memory between GPU’s)

my reg is:

Asus x99 e-ws
32GB Ram
2 780ti’s
“planning to get a titan x”

Thanx in advance for all your answers

I assume you are referring to cycles gpu rendering.
Select the gpus you want to use for rendering in the User Preferences / System panel
Your scene has to fit into the memory of the card with the least memory.
If you render a card with 2GB and another card with 8GB of memory then your scene has to use less than 2GB