would like some crit on my site ;)

Heya peoples I haven’t been on much for a bit. Too busy with all sorts of other things than being online.

You may have already seen http://www.alienhelpdesk.com which is basicly my watercooler. The spot where I put whatever I want.

But now I’ve just revamped http://www.macouno.com , my business site.

I gave the site lovely cell shaded toony banners made in yes… you guessed it… blender.

The site’s in dutch, but well… it’s more about the design anywayz :wink: I’m still working out the bugs in the content.

to recap… http://www.macouno.com … that’s it.

Opinions are very welcome… really… honestly… they are :wink:

Really great design. I wish more sites were that clean and easy to navigate, even in spite of the fact that I don’t speak a word of Dutch (though, admittedly, it was fairly obvious what I was going to be looking at, for example, “grafisch en 3d design.” Hmmm, now what could that be? :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Again, great site, and some really nice work being showcased on it. Keep at it. 8)


wow, great job. I am working on updating my site but after seeing yours; looks like i got some work to do.

Thanks guys.

I downloaded firefox last night to check the look of the site in that and am rather happy… apparently everything works in IE, NN & firefox. CSS really works rather well nowadays.

The trick about easy navigation is basicly just making a very clear choice in how you want menus/submenus to work.

founds sunny.,. that’s why I like Elvis…