Would like to animate via texture painting

sorry if this is really obvious but i am very new. i am trying to figure out how to animate a texture painting, frame by frame. kinda like grease pencil but painting onto an object. i understand how to animate the coordinates of a texture so it moves/rotates/scales. i understand how to put an image sequence into an image texture. what i would like is to paint an image sequence onto geometry, and then use the black and white info from that animated painted texture to drive the roughness of my texture.
i’m not sure i’ve articulated what i am after well enough.


you need to activate “auto update” in the “image texture” material node. Then you should be able to draw every frame on your geometry, like in the image editor.
But I didn’t managed to make it work with cycles in viewport. Only if I safe the changes of the image frame in the image editor and switch to the next frame and back in the time line it updates.