Would more colorcoding on Python scripts be helpful?

On BGE and regular python scripts we already have coding for numbers, comments, and the words that begin various statement types but we could always use more like.

-A color for function names, to see if any’s misspelled
-A color for initialized variables after they’re introduced in a script or if they’re an object property for the BGE
-A color for attempts to do syntax when properly done or an underline where syntax is missing, like if you put ‘=’ instead of ‘==’ in an ‘if’ statement it’s not colored, it can help people know when their syntax is wrong. If you forget a colon after an ‘if’ statement, the underline will tell you something’s needed there.

More colorcoding like this would be beneficial because it makes overview of python scripts for errors easier and thus is less pain then the coder testing the script and getting errors over and over because of a few mispellings or stupid syntax errors. Much like how the new stretch display for UV editing will really help cut down on silly UV errors on stretching and compression.

What do you think?

I dunno, I code python in gVIM (and before that, emacs) without anything like that. I don’t even have hilighting for stanlib sutff, e.g. os.path.abspath(). Let alone wx.TextCtrl.SetStyle(wx.SOME_LONG_CONSTANT)… in theory all that could be higlighted up, but, it seems kinda like overkill.
Autocomplete can be nifty, and I would probably prefer that for getting names right, though I don’t generally use it myself.

I can live with the current editor and it’s bugs for the time being. Improving it might be a nice project for someone new to Blender though.

(IDLE and SPE have always impressed me)

The other thing that could be useful is better support for editing in an external editor and reloading it in blender … I seem to remember having trouble with that in the past.