Would there be a better software for this?

OKay…I am designing a desk…L shaped with some shelves and stuff…nothing to fancy…but costumed to what i want

Here is the thing…i will be building this for my own use…yes i will acculy build this from wood.

Could i do this in blender…or would there be something better for this. like some FREE CAD software which i can build the model…then export into blender (luxrender) to make a rendering?


If you are wanting to design the desk on the computer and then produce prints that you can use to construct the desk, then I would say that Blender really isn’t suited for that. You would be better picking up a copy of turboCAD or Qcad if money is tight. I believe these are both 2d softwares though. If you want an user friendly 3d cad program, unless you are a student, I believe you are looking at spending some serious coin. If you only care about creating a 3d rendering of the desk that you plan on building without predesigned prints, then Blender and Luxrender would be fantastic for this. Good luck!

I think you would be fine with a home project…I use it all the time for wood working projects…nothing as big as a house, but furniture and boxes and such…NP. you can use wireframe or edge drawing from 2.49 if you want that type of drawing(mechanical).

If you have access to CAD software I would use it. It’s just easier to work with the units and get dimensions out of something like that.

Otherwise Blender should work, you’ll just need to do a little more math

Sketchup i use it for all my little building projects.

for extremely accurate measurements and dimensions,a CAD program is better. Google Sketchup is great for that.

Blender can model with precision, It takes a slightly different mindset to the usual modelling styles though. The Precision Modelling Guide will give you a good steer on how to do it if you choose Blender to model your parts.

I Do have sketchup…but i need a rendering too…can i export a model from sketchup into blender so i can render it in luxrender…(would luxrender be the best render?)

I’ve never really messed with this but apparently it can be done
the blender internal renderer does a pretty nice job


No need to import it into blender as there are better rendering solutions available that will let you render from within sketchup :slight_smile:
This > http://www.indigorenderer.com/sketchup/ ought to make anyone happy … enough :wink:

If I were in your situation, I’d install blender 2.43ish and yafray (not yafaray) which would give you a very professional result!
I have no clue what it is that you are building but blender is ideal for furniture style modeling … and then some :slight_smile:

My brother designed a bed in sketchup and then built it, I think as long as it isn’t anything fancy sketchup is your best bet. I’m not exactly sure of how you would export it, but I’m sure there’s an importer for 2.49 that you could use to get it into 2.5.

You have a few choices:

For working this within blender: CAD-tools

For a (very) basic Open Source CAD app: HeeksCAD

Or if you want a more polished one, try out Alibre (tho there are caveats here…)

And there are several really good free 2D options, too.
Altho Sketchup might just do all you need…


I’d take a look at ViaCad if you want low cost and very functional.

I used it a couple of years ago to create some plan drawings as well as export models for a small CNC project.
It’s got all the basic tools and doesn’t break your bank.

Alibre is good too, but it’s more expensive, more complex, and you sacrifice quite a bit in the basic edition.