Would this be possible.

I was playing line rider, I like the concept… would it be possible to re-make in the ge?

If so, please give ideas, I’m hoping to be able to launch tons of projects soon, so hopefully if they all get pretty far, I may be able to sell some of them off, maybe the creators of linerider would like a 3d game. Except I would make it have an objective, like there’s an entrance and exit, you have to fill it in.

Well i can think of 2 ways:
One involves placing points as opposed to straight up drawing.
The other would be while you drag the mouse it places lots of small objects making a path.

You think of the rest. :]

What I would do is your last suggestion, except I’d have to setup the python so it only places objects when mousemovement is positive. Also I’d make the sled set to always > move forward, with rigid body turned on?

I’m not sure if I will attempt a clone. I may, I may not. If I do it won’t be for a while. Unless I try to get it out by x-mas.

My only concern is that if you move the mouse quickly there will be breaks, and i can think of a way to fix this that basically combines my two previous methods. In other words, have objects that connect the lines between the objects created.

Hmmm, I’ll have to ponder upon that…

I don’t know a lot but here would be my guess:

Maybe after a certain amount of a time interval (eg. 0.2 seconds) wherever your mouse on the screen will be the position of a newly created vertex. When the next vertex is made, through python, maybe you can connect the next vertex with the last one, created a sort of line.

Maybe an empty can be parented to your mouse position, and every 0.2 seconds, the empty adds the object “vertex”. you can take it from there i guess. I could be totally wrong but I’m just trying to help :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to do it polygonal. Like the polygonal lasso tool in PS