Would this be useful, a single .blend file with a ton of different scripts?

I was just thinking, since I found Blender could append scripts from other .blend files people here can pile together a bunch of scripts in a single .blend file (like GE essential scripts vol. 1 or something). So with a single download you can have a nice large collection of scripts you can append into your game. This way there can be avoided many downloads and forum hunting.

Initial thoughts for this would be scripts for.
-UV scrolling
-Mouselook and other mouse related scripts
-Property transfer between scenes
-Destroying joints made with the constraints interface

And don’t forget the instructions on using them so non-programmers know how to use them.

Scripts can be just simple text files. They need to have .py as extention and can even be loaded at runtime.

It would be useful, but it’s probably easier to manage if the scripts were all in a big .zip file or something.

actually, they don’t even need a .py extension if you just use “open file” in the text window- I’ve been saving scripts for a while, and I only just learned that python scripts have an extension of their own (I know, that sounds really stupid doesn’t it XP)
but yeah, a zip would be better. smaller (even after extraction), easier to manage (you don’t need blender to ad/remove/edit scripts)

It would be cool to have an example file with all of these scripts in one game. I think it would be an awesome demo.

actualy i think the idea is genouis, i can’t seem to motivate myself enough to make a decent game because i would be doing all the scripting myself (wich would take forever for me because im a horible speller) but if people were willing to add scripts to a database of some kind it might just be the thing i need.

I think I could help !

A blend with different type of script and eample could be nice; I have some knowledge of python and I can make a fps with basic scrip or a collision camera.

excellant idea!

Some more ideas for scripts.

-Creating an object with coordinates relative to object position or at a random relative position
-Random movement scripts
-A script to set a property to X, Y, and Z speed of an object.

Glad to see my idea is gaining momentum, Such a file would be very useful for non programmers and if the scripts are commented, help others to learn python.

it wil be nice to use different layer or scene for the different example.

We should ask mmph for sharing the bot AI in his demo or johando fps aI kit to show everyone how to make a little fps without trouble.

I don’t have so much time right now but I would provide a dummy character if we need it.

the main problem we have is to make a real project to advertise a little bit this way people would be interested and the share would increase.

hmmm i know modularity seems great at first, but sometimes (especially with scripting) the best way forward is to right code specifically for the job at hand.

Kewl , but Contain new Ideas in them , not only regular ones