Would this forum be better off without Kanzas_15 ?

Yes its controversial; and no I can’t talk much because
I rarely post but I have been an active lurker from a long time.

As an observation: Kanzas_15 either has seriously, serious issues, or he is a very talented troll (I’m inclined to go with the latter).

But there are a number of reasons for my posting this poll:

  1. Threads are being hijacked by Kanzas_15 and co. to the detriment of the original poster and to this site in general.
  2. People are being bashed by Kanzas_15 and co. for content on the basis of religeous beliefs.
  3. Constant spam posting to all categories, in particular Finished Projects, again, to the detriment of the site.

Kanzas_15 has set on a path to deliberately undermine this site and its participants…and by and large, he’s succeeding.

ok I’m sorry…I expressed my opinion earlier…but:

STOP IT…JUST STOP IT…let hte moderator do their job…too many thread & bandwith were use to talk about that member! JUST LET IT GO!