Would you be interested in a blender podcast?

Hi, I listen to a few podcasts (mostly linux/opensource related) and was wondering if anyone would be interested in listening to a Blender podcast.

I was thinking it could be done over skype/gizmo/whatever

Segments could be…

  • News (probably discuss interesting stuff on blendernation, or other sites and important events etc)
  • Discuss recent developments (from blenders SVN)
  • Interview guest - people from the community, developers etc.
  • Projects, similar to news, could review projects
  • Review Features/Scripts/Other software - povray, aqsis, gimp etc… for use with Blender.
  • Read listener questions/tips etc.

Blender might not be big enough for its own podcast so could throw some other opensource graphics apps in the mix every so-often too.

From listening to different podcasts, a good level of chit-chat/on topic/ audio quality is needed…
Take a listen to these guys, I think they have a good mix - relaxed but not too off topic.

I don’t fancy myself a radio presenter, however Im involved enough (mostly developer stuff) to co-host something like this, say every 2-4 weeks, if anyones interested…
And it could be fun! :wink:

Anyhow running a cheesy pole to see what you guys think… would this be a nice addition for the blender community, people can listen on the way to work etc, so another medium is good to have…

PS, by podcast I dont mean for exclusives use with an I-Pod

McNeel the company of RHino has iPodCasts with video in iTunes.
This might be a good way to publish Blender more.

I would love a Podcast as Blender now has more than enough areas to talk about and sources for topics as well.

a Blender Podcast would be awesome, maybe you/someone could make it weekly or monthly and release it as a dl-able file also, either trough blender.org or blendernation? :slight_smile:

I vote yes.
Podcasts are a nice way to break news or explain issues or any number of things.
I can’t believe there isn’t more action on this thread.


This is a truely amazing ideal

well, to the next point, is anyone interested in doing it :wink: - also have the time/dedication etc as well as some experience.

I’d be interested in participating, but I have no experience organizing such a thing.


Actually, I already started one - blendernet radio.
But I started college and I have pretty much completely run out of time!
I’m sorry you guys. I feel bad. :frowning:

Theeth, how unexpected, That would be great! - tho if you and I got on the same conversation we’d need some non developer person as well.

Hey CoreyAvitar, would there be an interest in making more podcasts for blendernet radio?
(others can do it if you have no time)
That way there is much less setup hassle :wink:

Hey, Awesome Idea!,

I voted yes… :wink:

And I would be interested in helping in some form, if you will take me,
Although that needn’t be in the form of a “Host”.

Edit: Just thought that I would mention it, but I do have previous experience with a podcast, although its not an experience I would reference much, as I didn’t have much say in the content, and would disagree with most of it.
But I was helping someone from my extended Family… And you may or may not know what thats like… :wink:

EditEdit: Just for clarity’s sake,
Before, I was not a host, I organized, and etc.


where would be host it?

I have a thought about someone who may be able to help with the production.
Kernond from Blender Newbies. I don’t know the man and I can’t volunteer him of course
but he makes an excellent presentation (well thought out, clear speaking voice, etc.).
He has several hours of tutorials that you can check out to see what I mean. If you agree
then pm him. He is a Blender Artist member. If he is too busy maybe he can suggest someone else. Just a thought.


Hosting of a podcast is a total non-issue for those who know the secrets.

One of them (the main one) is http://ourmedia.org in conjunction with SpinExpress and the Internet Archive. Basically ourmedia is a community for content creators, but works with SpinExpress which is a downloadable application that uploads your content to the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization dedicated to archiving the Internet.

I have used it, I have experienced no glitches, hitches, frustrations or hassles- just pure delight at quick uploading and free hosting for Internet media content.

Also if this blender podcast takes off I would be glad to offer my services. I can edit and master audio content with audacity, I can take care of the file uploads, create and mantain a website for the podcast, or even do interviews and articles. I don’t have time to do everything every time, but can probably do some of it almost always.

pm me when critical mass has been attained.

I’d just like to point out that this is EXACTLY what I’d like to see. I find that most of the video tutorials are outdated, incomplete, or too nonspecific for real use. It’d be really nice to just see how others are using blender, have a weekly/monthly feature, have a tip for every episode, explain how a feature of blender works each time, etc.

This is a great idea and definitely would like to see it happen. Podcasts are a great resource for getting the news, hear intelligent conversations on how things are done, interviews, etc, so it definitely fits the Blender universe perfectly.

Could people who are interested in being co-hosts please make themselves know, we can have a meeting on IRC at some point and arrange a show structure and time for a skype call.

I have a suspicion that pulling this off is a fair bit harder then it sounds, so I’m prepared for the quality to be a bit low to start with, but would be good to get the ball rolling and find people that can make a fun and interesting show.

maybe one of the peach guys would be interested too - cessen or sago? - theeth could ring in… well’ well see how things pan out, but Ill ask around here. pity brecht is sooo quiet!

I would be interested in helping out if you want/need me, but if not I’ll gladly just “tune in”.

It would be very cool, if we/you/it could have a talk with someone from peach ( Yourself included of course :wink: ).


Probably nothing will happen until after xmas holidays,

Marslyr - the guys I mentioned (Cessen, Sago and myself) are all in peach ;), would make recording easier others may be interested too - maybe people could ring in since I wouldnt want to make it a ‘peach podcast’ - its too specific.


the guys I mentioned (Cessen, Sago and myself) are all in peach
Of course!, I’m sorry if it came across otherwise, I’m editing my previous post to make it clearer. :stuck_out_tongue:

And waiting until the end of the holiday seasons sounds smart to me… :wink: