Would you be interested in an Word brush?

For for Blender and Z brush.

For Word i mean…

you know when words are used as sculpts to show “Alien” Languages for Alien Temple and other renders like temples and stuff?

I have plans for 7-8 languages in a pack. A total of nearly 200 words.


Maybe 5 USD?

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That seems like a very specific need, are these constructed/fictional languages ? by you ? I guess this would be most useful in the concept art realm. I personally probably wouldn’t be a client, but I can see some use cases. You should adjust your pricing depending on the target profession. If you’re supplying glyphs for 7 or 8 different styles/languages, I would consider upping the price a little. 15USD doesn’t seem shocking for something that’s ready-made and can be re-used throughout different projects, but that’s just my estimate. Can you show something ?

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I agree with Hadricus- what would you be offering that would differ from just using an existing font as an alpha texture? Are you talking about your own, created, alien languages with unique symbols? If so, are they applicable outside of your own created universes?

I think if you really want this to do well, you’d do well to make some glyphs from already existing popular fake languages- the runes from Legend of Zelda come to mind, as do Lord of The Rings Elvish runes. Maybe the Star Wars writing?

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I am not in the concept art field, but I have friends who are, and they definitely kitbash a lot -using all manner of assets, be it 3D objects, textures…- then they render, and paintover. Usually it’s for film where the visual language is yet to be defined (as concept art happens very early in pre-production), so the need for “generic”, alien-looking glyphs is real, the way I see it, it doesn’t necessarily have to match any pre-existing universe.

Maybe there are other applications to this?? but right now this is all I can think of.

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Real languages. But not really found on the internet. I checked Artstation and Blender market.

@josephhansen Well ill be offering real languages, which are fairly obscure in the 3D world usage. Most stick to European, Latin based language.

Did you check Google fonts? Most, if not all, real world glyph sets have a wide variety of existing fonts. Not to discourage you, just letting you know, that what you’re describing can probably be found for free

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i cant seem to find what you are saying. Id like to check.

Just going to the site isnt helping

nevermind. i found it.

yes they are free. didnt think they gave out glyphs too.

oh well, i do have one more product idea since this clearly wont work

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