Would you be interested in this kind of work?

Hi guys, I’m working on a WW1 movie (though I’m very far from done, held up on the texturing and in need of a volunteer) and I have backtracked enough to redo anything that must be redone. Not sure if I’ll ever make it to movie status (maybe just comics, stills, or action clips) but what would you prefer to see?

i’d prefer to see you realise your vision of creating a movie.

I would too :smiley:
Of course, I’m low on time, money, morale, voice actors, volunteers in general, and living on 6 hours of sleep a day.

All right, semi-steampunk so far!

Take a look around your neighborhood for improv classes. People there may be interested in volunteering as voice actors.

That’s a great idea, though I don’t have a car, and the nearest place is 3 days on foot lol.

^according to google maps. Anyway, I found a site called freesound.org, where there could be some sound effects. I could probably find some voice volunteers from my friends on Steam, and then ask them to send a voice recording? Or maybe someone from this site.