Would you be willing to help make a new Blender?

Right, these are troubled times for Blender development wise, and there’s serious talk amongst people of starting up a new Blender project from scratch, one not limited by commercialism, money, or greedy bank executives.

Now, I’m interested in seeing what sort of community support there is for something like this. So, the full question is as follows:

If the powers that be continued to sit on the Blender IP (intellectual property rights) without doing anything to it, and if the project got Ton’s blessing, would you be willing to help make a new Blender? NOTE: this isn’t just coding. It includes documentation, making cool demos, updating websites, recruiting more people, spreading the Blender word, making cool images to show it off, beta testing…the list goes on. So, would YOU be willing to help make a new Blender?

Let’s see what sort of potential this has.


I can’t code with any level of efficiency but I guess that i could do good help/tutorials/demos (hopefully attractive).
Working a couple of hours a day and any five minutes I can grab here and there I made some 30 pages of tuts in the last two weeks : that’s about what I can pledge.

me like IamInnocent can’t code,but would help on anything. :slight_smile:

I have been a programmer and a lead architect of distributed programs for 18 years. I have played around with OpenGL for the last 7 years.

I should have some time to devote to the project.

      • scott

Hello :smiley: !

Count me in too. I will be very glad to help in anyway. Though I haven’t done any serious programming yet, I learn fast and work hard.
Hey Ton! Just give as the word…

i can program a bit.i think i can program dynamics and cloth simulations…atleast i can try.i also have a good hand in character modelling.if i get total access to blender’s python API i can even try to make those flexor things.ARE YOU LISTENING???

I’ve got 20 years of coding experience, and I do have some serious stuff made in team programming. I can help but I’m a bit pessimistic on the possibility that we can come up with something of the level of actual Blender in our spare time.

Further only ssross up to now seems to be an experienced programmer.


I can manage advance problem solving so if u ever find urself in a stickey situation …

also i would love to help with docmentation but someone would have to check my my spelling.

i might learn how to program soon so mabey a few plugins.

I work for IT industry, and I have coded some 20 years too, but not much lately. Mainly C++, C, Pascal and script languages. However I don’t have any exprerience on OpenGL or graphics programming. I would love to help, but my spare time is very limited at least till the end of this year. But yeah, I could consider to join the team.


If it’s specifically made to replace blender, then the blender shareholders will sue everyone of you in the project. I’ve said it before.

You all will find yourselves with more trouble.

I was going to say why…
but il just settle with calling you a moron.

Hold it! Wait!


Not a new “Blender”!

A whole new program!

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Blender’s great,
But Dittohead’s right! You can’t just make a “new Blender” as long as someone else owns the rights.

Make It Yours! From the ground up! Start fresh and don’t hinder your
selves from the beginning by trying to make it just like Blender!
Instead you should draw on the best qualities of all the best apps. out there, including Blender, for inspiration. But before any one writes a line of code, make an outline and give this thing a definate deriction.
Make it open source. Make it your dream 3D app!

(said the nonprogramer)

Now Go!

If it’s specifically made to replace blender, then the blender shareholders will sue everyone of you in the project. I’ve said it before.

You all will find yourselves with more trouble.

If the code is written from scratch and the user interface is not an exact copy from Blender there is no problem. There is no law restricting a program to read & save certain file format, e.g. .blend. Well the problem may be to find .blend specifications…?!

Not a new “Blender”!

A whole new program



if there is going to be a new program,i hope it includes a game engine just like blender. :smiley:

i’d be ready to make a website for this new program, i’ve got extensive knowledge of ASP(vbscript, ADO, SSI, SQL etc.), HTML and i also know a bit of javascript, xml and xslt.

drop me a line at [email protected]


I’m all for it!

I’m a really good shitty coder (don’t count on me there), but I would love to help in any other capacity. Tutorials, documentation (I may need a spell checker, but my native language is in fact english :wink: ), you name it.

What we need is someone with experience to pick up the ball and lead the project. This is beyond my capabilities, but there must be someone in the group who could fill the shoes. I’m sure Ton could be great, but if he doesn’t have the time and or inclination, lets find someone else!

Gimp did it with 2D. Lets show them how to do it with 3D! Show the world that we won’t accept the $2000 price tag for a program that also requires you to upgrade to a gig of RAM to load it up. :stuck_out_tongue:


So, I’m neither a programmer nor a good modeller, I’ll do my part.
Tutorials, testing, and stuff. And I could contribute with some ideas. Let me know.

i sure as hell would help program blender

anyone know some good c++ compilers(one that actually works and is compatible with all the tutorials out there)?

I have no coding skillz but I can create documentation. I can write tutorials. I can play with an app and break it. I can develop web pages.

Let me know what work needs to be done…

i’m not a good coder but i am a good beta-tester …I can get
every program to crash :smiley: Well, i would like to make graphics or
webdesign for the project. And maybe help on the interface-design.

cya henrik