Would you buy models or a model CD?

CD model collections are available for other 3D software apps, but there don’t appear to be any for Blender.

Assuming that the models are high quality, is this because no one has tried selling a model CD for Blender or is it because the community isn’t interested/wouldn’t buy it?

I believe there are quality importers for blender just around the corner …


Commercial models are mostly aimed at professionals that have the budget to buy stuff for their commercial projects. As Blender has not yet made it into mainstream commercial 3D projects YET, I think the commercial market for Blender models is also non-existant.

However, it would not have to stop you at starting to develop such a market :wink:

I would suggest a third catagory. Maybe. I PROBABLY would buy a model IF it suited my purpose and was inexpensive enough. We are a small company that does commercial renderings for commercials and tv shows and the like, so if it was cost effective, sure.


I would certainly like to be able to buy models or model building services. The challenge will be to avoid making them “clip art.”

i wouldn’t. unless most of the models fit into a project, but this is unlikely to happen. it’s the same with photo-cd’s - till now i always made my own photos, which really were the way i wanted them.

I may buy it if it came in a bundel with the manual or something else. But i really doubt that I would buy it by itself. To be honest, I dont think many in the community would be all that interested either…I say this only because I remember a thread awhile back discussing this issue and I dont remember the reponse to be a positive one.

Of course, I could be wrong

im really thinking of buying the despona collection in my office we make 3d jobs for magazines, and the time is always short… so i use some stuff that i found in the net, model some others and its done. the models available for download arent that good. i always have to fix some things, but it is still faster this way