Would you call this Art?

This is something in doodled my computer class. And i kind of like it
Now please don’t laugh at it.

Edit : If you can’t read it, the title is “The Fall of the Intergalactic Beehive”:smiley:


Personally no.
A ‘doodle’ to me is something you do without any real thought involved.


Oh no! All those integral sums wasted! :smiley:

To me this is not art. It’s just a bunch of elipses without a message.

I like it! :slight_smile: It looks kind of cool.

It’s a good looking doodle, but not considered “art” in that sense

you’d be amazed at how simple and trivial some “art pieces” around here are, and they get sold by the hundreds of dollars… i never understood art, especially commercial art… this is how i feel about it all myself:

It can be art, at least it has more sense to it than other art exhibitions that I’ve heard about.

I heard of one exhibition where all the canvases were blank, where you are supposed to imagine the picture on the canvas, compared to that your doodle is a bit more sensible.

Of course you attracted the people who think art has to go by a rigid definition of rules and standards and not be an open palate of expression by the artist.

If you were to create something like the doodle only for the sense of creating it than just passing time, then yes, it is art. I believe art is us expressing our need to create something, no matter how other people might view it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

okay… I went to the seattle art musium and saw a piece of art that was a black box with a penny in the corner… it was the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen… so yes, this could be art

To me, it looks like rice being poured out of a bowl and then scatters as it hits the ground.

… which reminds me, I’m going to eat lunch now.

haha! that’s funny xP

I’ll consider it art if you do. What does it mean to you?

Creating the most stupid thing ever would be an impressive achievement, one which would definitely be worthy of display in an art museum.

“would you call this art?”

no, garfunkel is over-rated, what about calling it paul after mr.simon?

I’d say it’s good practice. Like an exercise.

> charliemcf

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Well, thanks for your honest replies

To me it is (which is why i gave it that title) a once unified group of <whatever> disintegrating and its members leaving their group one by one.

To me the doodle acts as a metaphor for the masses of society and the few people who decide to travel away from those masses… It presents us with an interesting idea; the mass falls apart slowly, the individual escaping only after having been part of the group. No one is born an individual, it is their actions that make them one.

Art? … Everything is art when viewed through the right eyes.

okay… I went to the seattle art musium and saw a piece of art that was a black box with a penny in the corner… it was the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen… so yes, this could be art

You’d probably be suprised to hear that many artists create art because of that response. I think the penny painting is actually an ingenius idea. Circles, in paintings carry a great deal of visual weight. Because of this, the artist manages to make a penny seem incredibly heavy because of the environment it is placed in.

and, in my opinion, this doodle is art. If you were to paint it onto a canvas, I think you might be able to scrape a few bucks off of it.


Art is more or less just manipulation. Good art elicits a response in a person, and a good artist can control what response they get. Note that these responses can really be anything…Thought, anger, fear, etc. Also, some people like certain kinds of art, while they don’t like other kinds of art. Some of the people here don’t seem to be ‘into’ abstract art, and that’s perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s more or less just my opinion of art in general.

I would call your image art. I’m not entirely sure what it makes me feel, but it makes me feel something.