Would you call this Art?

That looks like a good sketch for a huge canvas or a mural. It symbolizes civilization and how it stifles creativity for all but the individuals at the leading edge who are brave enough to leap out into the abyss of the unknown. Market it like that and you will become the next piccasso.

I like that Andy Rooney video. I feel the same way, because a lot of people today don’t make a distinction between “art” and “design”. A lot of modern art is actually just design. Art is a craft that takes time to hone and be good at. Design can be simplified and still be made to reflect someone’s thoughts, it’s just done so in a much more abstract or metaphoric way.

Take a big canvas and put a square in the lower left hand corner. It can be meant to represent a lot of stuff. It’s open to interpretation. I don’t think art SHOULD be open to interpretation to that extent. Art is a communication of an idea. While people might be able to interpret it in a very personal and emotional way, every person will interpret it differently, and it will not challenge people at all. People will see what they want to see. They will NEVER see what they don’t want to see.

Just my opinion, tho. Art is a form of self expression meant to communicate a specific idea. The CRAFT of it, and the honing of that craft, allows a good artist to communicate that idea effectively. Putting a big slab of metal in the middle of park isn’t really an effective way of communicating your desire to end world hunger. I think a lot of these guys are just running a con. You know how much money these giant metal sculptures cost? I’ll wager the artists make quite a huge sum of money doing this stuff.

The only modern artist I’ve ever seen that made stuff like this that actually looked really good (besides picasso) was Alexander Calder, and I’d consider him more of a designer than an artist. His stuff is fun to look at. I would not be able to gain any sort of insight or determine any sort of message from just looking at his work, tho. When I was a kid I used to imagine his sculptures were giant monsters that I had to fight off. I’m sure that amused people nearby.

I like it is it art… maybe I think that mostly depends on if you feel it is or not.

Have you thought about doing a piece in Blender and exploring the idea further?

I enjoy these art discussions, what I consider art, and my particular taste is quite conservative. So what you drew, well I still haven’t made my mind about it, but it does give ideas about your own thought process. Maybe sometime in the future some museum may pay you a fortune for this ?

The monkey in my head is hitting the ‘yes’ button for the moment. Check the vid to see what I mean…

The Cycle of Art

Dude if you think you can make money out of this, I’m sure there is no-one that sick to give a damn to this sucking piece of “art”.
I won’t even take this for free. lol

What qualifies as art is an extremely old controversy that has probably been debated since the beginning of modern mankind. Most dictionaries have at least 10 different definitions of art and are usually all quite different.

Here’s my take on it: I think everything in the universe can be analyzed from an artistic perspective, and while it’s being analyzed artistically it is indeed art. With that being said, there is art that moves me and art that doesn’t move me. I will not dismiss something as “not being art” because it’s not art I particularly like.

Art is an incredibly abstract word. The word art can’t easily be used like the word “car” can be used. I think art is art when it’s being perceived as art. A car is a car when it has wheels and moves. The word “art” is more like the word “love” (which is another highly controversial word).