Would you convert a .max file for me, please?

Hi guys,

(skip if you are willing to help and don’t really care why I need it) I’m working through the Digital Texturing and Painting book, and although the first (theoretical) part of the book is software-agnostic (and awesome btw), the second part with exercises kind of assumes you have Photoshop and 3DS. I’ll be trying to adapt the instructions to Gimp/Blender, but first of all I need to be able to use the model, which unfortunately is in the .max format.

I’d really appreciate it if you could convert the file to another format Blender can use (whichever is easiest for you, .3ds, .blend…). Link to the file at my dropbox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4926844/faxonblender/misc/Axle_Final_3.1.max (10,2 MB)

Thank you for your help!

You could just download the free trial version of 3dsmax

This might also do it for you:

Hey thanks Richard, I didn’t know of the 30-day trial. I thought about that “free for students” thing but all the registration and the fact that well, I’m not a student really, made me not take that idea seriously. But this will do. Might give those converters a shot beforehand though, Quandtum, thanks for that too!

Will come back tomorrow to mark this as SOLVED once I manage to convert the thingy. Time to sleep now, night night!

Edit: although the converter didn’t take .max files, the whole 3ds Max (obviously) managed to open and then export the project to the needed formats. Very much overkill, but solved!