Would you donate if the donate button was prominent on the blender.org frontpage?

Because Letterrip said the institute is aware that the donate button is kind-of hidden so people aren’t really sure how to go ahead with donating.

But if the institute moved the donation button to be on a prominent place on the frontpage of Blender.org would you donate, whether it’s 10 dollars or euros or even 100 in order for Blender development to move along faster?

If they made it an easy to use I would be happy to donate for the reason of accelerating Blender’s development, maybe less than a hundred dollars to start with just to see how it goes and if all goes well maybe donate more.

Perhaps even have a counter showing how much was donated and the amount of people who donated, could also increase the financial resources for the Institute more than their E-shop does alone.

So would you donate if the donation button was on the frontpage so you readily know your donation is going to the Institute and funding Blender development?

Actually I prefer to donate directly to specific projects and devs, that way I know exactly what I’m supporting.

Especially I will donate the Blender Shop to publish games.

Well , here someone knows C++ :P.

But we need money to work all day with BLENDER , it would be interesting .

I probably wouldn’t donate, when contributing money for a Blender cause I prefer to buy DVDs from the e-shop or donate to specific projects/developers.

Ok, but we can focused in something similar ,some specific project :).

It wouldn’t make me donate more than I already know. I think most people who donates are interested enough to find it anyway. But it wouldn’t hurt I guess

Same as you. That’s why I am awaiting Durian.

I would. Look, only good things can happen if you make it more obvious.

I would be more likely to donate…a donate button is a thing of whim…that is when whim has money…which he don’t :wink:

If they add a Donate button, they should add it in a page header that’s present on all pages of the site. Putting it on the homepage wouldn’t yield much because most people that visit the homepage are probably newcomers and passers-by. Active Blender users most likely land on blender.org via a search result, bookmark, or link posted in a forum, meaning they would never see the donate button on the homepage.

Yes, though the idea of donating to particular projects has soured since the BMesh issue.

For me, I donate when I have the money spare. If I have to dig to find the link for this, I just don’t bother. After all, why should I work to pay someone?

TO develop the Blender :yes:.

Well, regardless if I would or if I wouldn’t, not being able to easily find the donate button must hurt the chances of me donating. As long as it’s not obnoxious I wouldn’t mind a donation button\link\reference of some sort on anyones page.

Which would bring the thought of donating directly to the Blender institute instead, as they have used money they received in the past to hire known Blender developers and get needed features into Blender, usually for the open movie projects.

I do recall when a donor gave the institute enough money to hire Matt Ebb for about six months to get Blender 2.5 ready, all the things he was able to develop for Blender 2.5 since then. Imagine how things would go if they had the resources to hire multiple developers while no open movie project is going, things would go a bit faster than if Ton and Brecht weren’t the only ones who were payed at that time.

There must be a donate button.
There must be a donation meter with a Blender development chart.
There must be a system of rewards to encourage top donators.


I deffinitely looking forward having the grains for a donation… within or without a promonent button… Blender is great and diserves $. But a button will, helas, not change the financial situation of anybody…
I feel rather frustrated NOT to be abble to sent $ to Blender in a more regular base.

Agree with @demohero …Donation meter with a Blender development chart.
You can donate for your interesting Projects,each Projects have approximately budget.

I would incorporate the donate button into the download pages, along with a donate-meter.

For 3 reasons:

  1. People that just pass by are unlikely to donate anyways, those which download it and use it, may not donate at the first time, but they are “returning customers” and with the download of the next version they might donate when the button is there.

  2. Build an awareness with the donate-meter, that blender is free, but valueable. That it is not a piece of highschool garage software, but a major project, with dedicated people and a “buisiness” behind it very well able to compete with the “state of the art” production tools.

  3. Having the button on every single page makes a project look desperate IMO.

I think its ok to “just” donate by buying stuff in the blendershop, many blender users don´t earn their own money, or are even minors, still they spend their pocketmoney in the blendershop.
Face it though, it’s no real donation. If you go and buy a bread in the supermarket you´r not donating to the supermarket or bakery. You get some ware for your money, and the blendershop is really, really cheap, go and compare the prices to various other training dvd´s for instance - it is not that the institute overprices to produce a big gain.
So I don´t quite understand people though recurringly saying, I don´t need a donate button, I donate by buying stuff in the blendershop and I also don´t see it as “support” to buy there, because support makes it sound as if you buy something you don´t really want, just to let them make revenue.