Would you like some tea?

Turkish Tea

Here is my very first finished project. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.
I tried make the materials and shader as procedural as possible ( 90 % so far ).


Looks pretty good, maybe work on the fluid coming out of the pot a bit then it would be perfect.

thanks @fdfxd, yes perhaps I should model it again, i used fluid simulation with a touch of some sculpting, but you’re right, it needs some more work i suppose

looks good

The shaders and the modelling are very good. And I love, how the steam from the tea condenses at the top of the glasses. And the anisotropic shader for the rear pot is great. The refraction in the glasses, where the spoons are, is just about right.

Great to see someone pay attention to all those little details.

Güzel bir render olmuş eline sağlık. Sadece demliğin materyalini tam anlayamadım. Porselen için fazla yansıtıcı, metal için fazla mat kalmış gibi. İyi çalışmalar.

Teşekkürler Yalçın, güzel yorumun için. Demlikte porselen hedefledim aslında ama sanırım biraz daha değişiklik yapmam lazım fresnel için Özellikle

very nice!