would you like to help with a digital art/computer science prospectus?

I’m working on a Computer Science Undergraduate Prospectus that involves teaching Computer Science concepts through digital art. I’m hoping not only to inform students of the exciting world of 3d art (and Computer Science), but to give them a useful skill they can use as well.

For instance, if I wanted to explain what OOP was , I could do that by using 3d objects: they have their attributes, (such as location, rotation, and scale) , other objects (such as material settings) , and also static and nonstatic functions (such as a shared material v. an independant material) . We could follow an updated version of the 2.47 snowman tutorial and render/print it out and actually make something, then show what computer science concepts apply. In this instance , setting the location, rotation, and scale with the mouse was using functions that set class variables of objects.

Another example could be compositing with nodes and then have an explanation of how that applies to computer science afterwards. The nodes in this case would represent linked lists with pointers .

What do you think are some ways to determine whether a concept is learned or taught well enough?

I was thinking a survey before and a survey afterwards to see what “stuck” …
perhaps also see if a finished product matched or came close to a desired result

Also, do any of you want to help me write my prospectus - perhaps put something up on Google Docs? I’m technically supposed to be working with one or more “mentors” and I’ll gladly put your name in the “Special Thank you’s” section if I use any of your resources or help.
I’ll admit I have a June 15th deadline that I’m not looking forward to and it would be nice to have some more people conversing about this. :yes:
What do you think?

June 15? That is very short.

Do you have already a more detailed concept?

We were given a template to work off of and a few pointers. I have a document already, but it needs cleaning up before it’s ready for other eyes to see it. I’ll go ahead and clean up and upload it tomorrow.

I was hoping while I was doing that , we could discuss some ways teaching might be evaluated. This was one of the questions I was asked during a short presentation and one I’m still thinking about. so… What do you think are some ways to determine whether a concept is learned or taught well enough?

Okay, so the prospectus is due tomorrow… I’m just about done with it… the concept is to use Blender3d to teach art, then gradually transition a student into the basics of programming.
Here’s my first lesson plan idea about variables :

Introduce Blender and its capabilities

Introduce Blender’s node editor & the concept of variables (should be very easy and straightforward from a predefined .blend file where they just connect the dots and change a few things)

Introduce Blender3d’s 3d view & variables in 3d space (XYZ, dimensions, scale, keys, etc) using the Getting Started Tutorials

Introduce Python (console and text editor ) & variables (using ppt, printouts they type in or fill in python parts about variables, static and dynamic variables, and references .