Would you like to save before closing?

I’m always used to a nice little message popping up to remind me to save my work when i close. But unfortunately, Blender doesn’t do this. I’ve probably have to have redone 1/2 of my project because I’ve closed out before saving. Is there a way to ask me to save before closing?

Nope. Just get in the habit of saving… It’s a good habit to have, anyway. Software crashes. Power goes out. Save early, save often.

You can also set up an auto-save schedule in the User Prefs window. Can be a life-saver for more than just “oops, forgot to save.”

Next time this happens to you look in you tmp folder for a file called quit.blend. This should be the last project that you had open when you exited blender.

You can open this in your usual UI config by using “Recover last session” in the File menu.

There is also autosave option and folder :wink: