Would You Like to See This for Blender?

I know there are lots of tutorials out there on this subject now. But back in 2007 there was not as much full information on subdivision surface modeling. Most of what I learned was from talking to other artists and observation.

in 2007 I wrote at tutorial for LightWave that has now shown up here:


Ben asked me for the files so he could add it to the docs for LightWave 2018. He was also the guy who first requested that I write the tutorial for the LightWiki. It is a tutorial that has been at the mercy of whoever was running the LightWiki and it went down and changed hands several times over the years.

So if you’d like this updated to current times and also translated to Blender, please say so and of course subscribe to my channel. :slight_smile:


The more the merrier, the higher quality of documentation the better. Something like this might even fit very well with the official documentation. Might want to look into how to get it included?

I had a quick look, what valuable information, on fundamentals, tips on best practices, great stuff. I’d welcome a version translated to Blender workflows. Thank you very much!

OK. Thanks for the feedback. Great idea to add it to the official docs. I have already got the ball rolling on that. See what happens.

I will work on some kind of video series based on this as I have time.

I remember reading this material when I was a Lightwave user, and finding it very enlightening. It deserves to live on.

Great. Thanks. More incentive get this done. :slight_smile:

Definitely modify it for Blender Richard, there’s an awful lot of folks who would benefit from it. :slight_smile:

Those tutorials were really really helpfull to understand this nurbs thing, thanks for that !
And for your proposition, new users should benefits from this abstract.

Cool. Again, thanks for the feedback. I have been wanting to do this for the longest time. Gonna have to make it happen. :slight_smile:

Richard, yes please, as looking at a few examples leaves me wishing I had seen this back when I started my first projects years ago. Still so much I need to read now to make sure I didn’t miss something now, even.

Cool man. I know what you mean. I am glad I documented this stuff while it was very fresh in my mind. It is good to go back to now and again for a refresher. :slight_smile: The good news is we never start learning and I have found ways to simplify the learning objectives to make it more concise and then of course another decade of Modeling experience to toss in for good measure. :slight_smile: