Would you mind reviewing my site (number 2...)


I’ve just updated the content of my site and would like to see you opinions on the layout and contents.

I’m also trying to find a good part of info to post on my site in support of Blender3D and GIMP. If anybody knows of any good saying or section of info that basically explains why Blender3D is good (and a similar one for GIMP), I would greatly appreciate it and will post it on my site (with links to the original source of info OFC). Mainly I want this so I can show my friends, family, and possible employers why I uses Blender3D.

I know that the color isn’t the greatest thing in the world but The site is mainly ready in layout and contents for a change of background design and stuffs but unfortunately I don’t know enought of Image creation to be able to develop my background and framing Images yet.

Do you think I need to remove the label of my links on the left side of the page? What I mean is the words like “My Favorite Links” above the link to blender3d.org, gimp.org, and this forum.

I’m considering transferring my site to a hoster mentioned in HenryMop’s thread called 1and1.com so I may change my site address soon.

P.S. I posted this thread while updating my site so it is possible that you will not see much contents yet until I’m done. (I’ll remove this sentences once I’m done updating)

Gah! Too much green! Make the color scheme something easy on the eyes, I always prefer something like white or light grey text on a black background.

lol Ok what suggestion you have for a color beside white on black?

Remember I plans to use images for backgrounds and frames which will be Blue on top of blacks. the Frame section will basically be a large blue section with white center for black texts and other contents to show up on. So the current background are temporary. and i would rather like to not have to change the font color since it is all HTML. no CSS or anything since I have not learned that yet.

I’m updating the contents first then i’ll adjust the color scheme as I fix some links on a few of my pages.

P.S. I picked this color scheme cause it had seemed to be the easiest on my eye. :confused:

Just removed the link’s label and have edited alot of the contents. are currently deleting alot of extra junks content from the photo-editing page then finally start to copy and paste the codes from the home page to the other pages (has a variety of improvements such as fixed links, better “logo” picture, removed labels for grouping links and use <hr /> instead.)

Sorry for the triple post;

If you look at my site now and navigate between different pages, you would see that my right column has different widths on differents pages. I have it’s minimum size to 150 px but seems like if I don’t put alot of text on the contents center then the column would go wider than 150 px.

Do anybody knows of how to keep it at 150 px?

I’ve also edited my 3D-Modelling page so that now if you go there you will see links and listing of what models i’ve made and done so far. >>Clicky here to go to the page<<

That green hurts. Sorry, but it actually hurts me to look.

Green + blue is not good. Maybe read up about some colour theory :slight_smile:

lol Ok what suggestion you have for a color beside white on black?

Open gimp and choose some colours and paint them over each other. Then keep doing so until you find colours that cross nicely. Stay away from primary colours.

Ok I’ll try the gimp thing. though where do you think is a good place to read up on color theory? I’ll google it anyway but in case you know of a good site could you let me know? thanks.

:EDIT:I think I’ve found a good color scheme that I like. a Olivedeab (hex code = 688E23) background (changed from a lime background) and I’ve changed the link color to YellowGreen (hex code = 9ACD32) from blue.

Plz let me know what you think of it now? If you know of a better color scheme then could you post the hex code to use?

(I found the color code table at http://www.htmlgoodies.com/tutorials/colors/article.php/3478961)

The layout sucks:

Having everything boxed up like you have now is quite annoying from what I assume is the border of alot of tables? And when the dont match up thats even more unsightly.

Layout of text if poor and has no real nice style to it. It seems as though you just shoved normal text into table cells and have’ done with it.

Green links on a green background isnt smart and makes it harder to read, especially when they have little contrast from one another. Black Text is okay, but some variation in colours (such as titles) would probabily be good.

For the best contrast, you could use complementary colours, but the perticular green background is quite nasty and I would suggest changing it. Maybe if it was a bit darker and was there wasnt so much of it i.e. keeping it as a background, but intoduce a new colour for the main content areas… if you understand that…

Design wise it could do with a make over.

I know that it could use a makeover but have you seen my link to a sketch of web site design plan? sure it look bad with the table but it is layed out like that so once I’ve created the background and frame image it will work perfectly. The same thing is with the text color, I wanted it (the main content) plain black so it will show up on a white background inside the frame. the only text with color will be the one made into the title and links column.

I made it white on black just for now.

Yes I’ve seen it, but a sketch like that is pretty useless. All I can tell from that image is that there’s going to be alot of round corner’d boxes and that it’s going to be black and blue…

There are plenty of sites that look nice which are just Black and white, that’s because everything has been laid in a plesent, effective way. Infact your site looks alot better now the colours have been converted to b/w, simple things have a drastic affect, presentation and colour are important factors.

You seem to have only listed items that you want (and not necessairly what you need) and shoved them all on the side (most people wouldnt even bother with your right hand side panel at all, rather increase the ammount of pages /links on the left and increase content space.

With your sketched design you can’t really tell how the content text is going to be laid out (you just have a bunch of swiggles). Even if you dont have any content to work with, you can use lorem ipsum instead (google it for more information)

Which is why it’s best to have a more comprehensive piece on display, actually done on the computer rather than a sketch (unless you can do a proper sketch, no offence intended but you have to ask yourself, is that sketch any use to anyone but yourself? I make sketches like that (quality wise) but I dont show them to people as my concepts.). You should also be asking people to comment on a layout that is compleate or designed and ready for slicing /coding, not what you have there im afraid…

Ok, I’m currently in the process of checking out some of the css code to figure out how to optimize the site and to remove the table. I’ve changed my idea of the concept and will remove the sketch. Basically this is cause of what I’ve seen of valarking’s site in the “plz review my site (#3)” thread, I would like to have the layout somewhat similar to that but with my own choice of backgrounds and contents naturally.

So you think I should remove the right column? My new concept is going to utilize that as a list of particular WIP and finished projects for easier access to check up on progress. will also includes links to some blog or essay that I may add later.

Loren Ipsum is a bit difficult to understand from what I could find, basically it is a bunch of random latin look-alike lined up just to fill up some of the empty space? If so, then I’ll just look for excerpts for empty pages from topic-related sites to use there (with links to the original site OFC).

from: http://www.lipsum.com/

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.
Your’ll also find alot of template site use this as their text.

A WIP /Finished projects listing is probabily better as it’s own page dont you think? Does the user really need to see the same thing, which may stay unchanged for weeks or even months on the right when this sort of information makes better use in it own page, and you can post progress on the front page as “news”…

Varlarking’s design is common, but could do with alot of improvements, his is also fixed width (should be 775pixel wide for 800*600 compatability among all browsers) What would your content area width be like with a right hand side collum? not alot im guessing.