Would you mind reviewing my site (number 3...)

I’m making one for my piano teacher. Right now, most of the stuff up there is placeholder BS, but the Bio is real and there’s a video (that I messed up the rip and it won’t play right except in VLC, AND it’s too big) of him playing in the Recordings page.

Anyway, any crits/flames are welcome.


Better than most what I’ve seen.
Simple yet professional look, easy to navigate, no information overload, no 200 different fonts and colors…
I have not tested the downloads, so I can’t say much about that.
But I find it well done for a WIP :wink:

Thanks. He’s going to pay me for it so I want it to be good.

Most pianist websites tend to be pretty bad. The only one I’ve found that I really like is this one:

yeah, looks pretty good, but maybe a bit more White would be good. It’s sort of dark and makes nothing really stand out. I’m no designer, so pay little attention to me

Ok I won’t. :mad:

Just kidding haha, your opinion is valid because it’s not just designers who will visit the page.

By white, do you mean in the overall background color design? All of the text is white, so I would have to change that I think.

I see you’re having a few problems getting the background to fit properly. May I ask why you used div’s for the main body when you were going to use tables anyway to do the navbar? Using a table would fix your background problems. (I’m talking about the bg image in the content div not reaching the bottom on ie, and not working properly when the screensize is too small and needs to scroll under FF)

If you want to use div’s, you could use javascript to set the height based on the screensize; some people get funny about javascript but really, all modern browsers support it. I can send you the code you want if you want, but I think as you’re using tables anyway, you might as well just keep with them…

Nice clean layout (including the HTML source).

When viewing in Firefox, a bug shows up in that your main content area doesn’t display the background all the way down for the pages with more content than can display in the browser window at one time. If you’re viewing with a large resolution you won’t notice, but on a smaller res (800x600, or even 1024x768 on the longer content pages) - defining something with height of 100% causes it (in FF, at least) to be 100% of the original screen height, so when you scroll down, the background color and ‘body_back.jpg’ image stop.

It looks like you can work around this by repeating the background-color, background-image stuff inside the child divs as well as in the body div. You’ll then want to get rid of the couple ‘margin-top, margin-bottom’ attributes and replace them with ‘padding-top, padding-bottom’ so as not to cause a gap between the areas.

I notice in IE, for short pages, the image just stops at the end of the content and ignores the 100% altogether. Not sure what you can do there, you’d probably have to experiment.

Another personal taste thing, I’d add ‘padding-bottom: 1em;’ into your css for the footer div. Text ending right at the browser window seems too abrupt, like printing right to the edge of the paper. You need a little bit of air space (again, something you notice on a smaller resolution, as you won’t see it if browsing with a 1200px screen height - given the length of the content currently on the pages).

I see you’re having a few problems getting the background to fit properly. May I ask why you used div’s for the main body when you were going to use tables anyway to do the navbar? Using a table would fix your background problems.

No! Use CSS. Use tables for tabulated data. Don’t use them for the basic structure of a site. I have before, it only gets painful.

some people get funny about javascript but really, all modern browsers support it.

Nein! Not all ‘modern’ browsers support it. Many people also have it turned off. Use CSS, order your code so that it loads sensibly even if css doesnt work.

I’m one of those, though those stupid javascript links do annoy me, having to turn js back on all the time :frowning:

valar, i would comment on your site but it’s decided it doesnt want to laod…

Thanks for the suggestions, but I wasn’t actually going to use tables. I’m a firm believer in avoiding tables unless you actually need to display a table of information, not for design purposes.

Yes, you’re right. In the past I’ve used percentage values to do webpages that reduce nicely with the resolution, but I was getting problems with rounding errors and whatnot. Is that a legit way to do it?
If so, I’ll follow your various advice and redesgn it in that way. I’m not always in touch with the resolution needs of most people because I’m working at 1600x1200 on my PC. It looks fine on the 800x600 computer I’m on right now, but I guess those old fellas still using 640x480 would protest.

That’s unfortunate. If you still can’t get to it, I can mirror it on my other more reliable webhost.
I too have Javascript turned off on default (thanks to Firefox and the handy extensions), and it’s a pain to turn it on manually if a site really needs JS. Therefor, I avoid using it and Flash (for the same reason) in my own webpages unless I need it for coding (and not design) purposes.
However, I still love the NoScript extension for Firefox that turns it off. That’s why FF is so much more secure than IE6 or 7. Not as much the base program, but the user-made extensions.

Right now I want to stay with CSS only for browser portability and backward-compatibility reasons. If you view the page without the .css file, it looks fine.

Thanks for the crits everyone.

It’s working now :slight_smile:

Design wise the site could do with some improvements IMO. The general shape is okay (rather common fixed width design) though I have to admit I find it frustrating having to read those kind of site when they are not fixed to the middle of the screen… Maybe thats just me though.

It looks a bit depressive at the moment, being rather dark and only having the text as white, It’s not somthing I could stay there and read for long. Being piano based you could get a nice White/Black theme going on and having it look cleaner / brighter by keeping the contrast higher (tied in with the colour of piano keys ;)).

Other than that, it’s not too bad. Code is nice and clean :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m obsessive about clean code… really I am. WSYWIG code makes me go nuts.

I get what you mean about the colors, and sometime soon I might tweak them a little for more contrast like you said.