Would you read a NPR comic book?

I am writing a histort and would like to share it, I thought in making a webcomic series.
although I guess I could improve my drawing skills to quite the level of a comic artist, that would take so many months of dedication and I am too lazy.
But I can already say I am quite skilled and fast at modeling, making flexible rigs and I also know how to hack eevee shaders and compositor to create a convincing cartony hashed look.

The problem is that no matter what you do, something about 3D characters make them always recognizable. I fear that readers could feel awkward with the character design and poses at the point of being unconfortable read the history.

Just like Sonic movie trailer did :nauseated_face:

Can you share your thoughts?

Stylize, keep away from “uncanny valley” & it’s 90% about the story (basic foundations founded by ancient greeks, fables & epics)



I think the technique doesn’t matter that much, you can make cg that does not look artificial, and draw a comic all traditional with it still looking awful.

There are some quite successful approaches for comic book style, the main thing for me is that it shouldn’t distract. As said before, it’s 90% about the story.

As long as it doesn’t look like “dead space - aftermath” I personally don’t really care how it was done.

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Yeah, you dont know how much I fear the uncany valey because its subjective and anyone may or may not perceive it.

About the style, I kinda want it to be pixar-like but with some characteristics of line I find cool in manga.

Well I already changed and reimagined that history so many times that I guess its good enough. I want to make fun of every bit of cliché I can think of but it will be a drama and the backgound and worldbuilding is kinda done.

The point is if a conmedy/drama manga kind of RPG goes well with 3D

Fear feeds on imagination… but imagination can feed on fear :wink:
just do it - an easy start is a simple pencil sketch or B&W style
ie. an oldie, from '92
no flat screens yet in essence was same crap :hugs:

I guess I fugured it out!

I dont need to rely purely on 3D. I can always just slap a bunch ob brush strokes on top of a generic model.

I will work on a mixed shading style that doesn’t look weird but at least the character itself won’t look weird, funny how a liquify can fix anything.

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