Would you want a dynamic cycles render seed feature?

I have started doing more animations using Blender lately, and I have recently edited my startup scene to have a keyframe setting the cycles samples to 0 at frame 0 and at frame 5000, a keyframe to set the cycles seed to 5000. This ensures that every frame between 0-5000 has a new seed to render with.
Usually I like to render out a parts of an animation in my workflow, and when finished I also usually render the whole animation at 50 % resolution with a very low sample amount.
Having a new seed every frame makes the animation seem more noisy, but still it is much more usable for previewing the lighting/ rendering/ animation than having pixels almost stuck at a certain noice pattern.

I am thinking about requesting a Dynamic Seed/Random Seed feature that maybe could be ON by default in Blender, and of course be able to disable if needed. The function of the feature would be to ensure always having a new seed/random seed between frames when rendering an animation. Single frame rendering should have the same seed to make it easier to spot differences you make.

This also makes a difference to the better when rendering the final animation using a high amount of samples. There will always be some noise in renders, and in my opinion dynamic noise is much better than static noise.

What do you think about this?

If you enter #frame in the “Seed” input field the seed will change automatically with every frame (frame number = seed value). That is what you want to do, right?

Expanding on IkariShinji said, you can put pretty much ANY python expression in any field. #frame is definitely the easiest way to do what you want though.

wow, that’s great to know! Couldn’t this be set to #frame by default?