Would you...

…allow your leg to be surgically amputated so that no one on Earth would die of starvation for 1 year?

…and what happens when the year is over?

Well they start dieing again and you can’t say I’m going for a walk :frowning:

This would have to be the stupidest poll ever… No offense.

Hey none taken I’m just passing time between renders

NO, as my leg would not be able to feed the entire world for a year. And if it could then a loaf of bread should do just fine. :slight_smile:

Who voted ‘yes’? I’m guessing Easton himself?

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You guys are selfish, billions of people die of just starvation each year.

Whatever, lol

No, not billions, but millions. But anyway, reality of life is cruel. Imagine what would happen if nobody died of starvation, desease, etc.

thats why I’d give my legs…

No, I wouldn’t. I’m not giving them my leg to solve their shit for a year.

'Fraid not. If nobody died for a year then the earth would become drasticaly overpopulated

chang the fact that people dieing for one year doesnz make any sense, because they still would kill each other, why to give your leg fo a thing you cant chang^^

Why should i give my leg?
I would give the legs of the guys burning thousands of tons of food in the states every year to control the prices, which as a matter of fact is no conspiracy theory, but proofen true. Sad but true.

Oh, I thought it said both legs, =]

Actually, people have less kids in places or times where they have shelter, food, health, education, etc.
The worse the conditions are, more kids people have.

And better than cutting you leg off, people could just waste less food. There is food for everybody in the planet.

yeah - I volunteers a yes. I’s not always been good but here’s a chence for I’s to show that I’s can do good stuff nows and thens. And I’s truely means it guv’nor. Ofcourse this is a hypothecal scenerio.

Wot you’s rendering guv’nor ?

Actually, England’s population is going down the drain so bad, you can get paid to have children.

I’d go for that job!