Wounded. Figure for 3d printing.

This figure of wounded Sergeant I made for 3d printing. Sorry for may be bad render and materials it is not my priority in this project

I really like that :slight_smile:

Will it be a solid cast, I’m assuming that this in brass/white metal/pewter as I think they would work well, or have a hole running through it to reduce material usage?

I’d be very tempted to put it on a base plate “scene” as it reminds me of some of the old airfix dioramas back in the late 70’s

Bad render? looks pretty good to me for what it is.

v. nice model but I forsee trouble with the nose, I guess you will need to print with supports. I am just thinking in terms of the replicator 2 I have at work, not sure what type of printer you will use.

We have sculptor in our company and he fix all troubles with supports. Figure is printed and ready.

ah, very awesome!

It is good!!I don’t think it is bad render at all!
Very impressive!

Very nice model. Do you have any shots of it before painting? I’m curious to see what it looks like right after printing. What 3d printer did you use?

Great detail

We use Envisiontec Mini Multilens. 15 microns layer. So we dont have any problems after printing, Just removing supports.