WoW-based Machinima Needs Heroes


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edit thanks to everyone who posted their insights, I’ve edited the post to reflect your suggestions.

Hey all!
This is a machinima series using World Of Warcraft assets. We are looking for talent to join our nutty team of volunteers. Currently, are looking for:
• Concept Artist(s)
• 3D Generalists for Environment and Character Building
• Animators
• Riggers
• VFX/compositor
A pair of droids

There is a storyboard and script made for the first episode and material for beyond that. However, the focus at the moment is getting out a short trailer.
Naturally, you’ll get credit for your work and have a chance to hone your skills in a team effort using Blender’s many features. My email is [email protected]

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you do realise you need copyrights for those caracters from blizzard to public your animation?

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