Wow, Blender can't read images anymore!?

What happened, and why isn’t this fixed yet?

This essencially breaks the BGE (if you want decent graphics), normal map support, and pretty much anything that works with images. I know some libraries have been updated, but it’s very concerning that this bug hasn’t been fixed yet.

So why is no one fixing image support yet?

Also, a newer build I have crashes when selecting an image to use, why is Blender 2.5 getting worse all of a sudden?

Seriously, dude, file a frickin’ bug report instead of wigging out.

Nathan and Sergey are aware of the problem and are working on it. It is a problem with MinGW and Windows. I just compiled a version for you with MSVC++ that works. Get it on

And BTW, cut them some slack 'cause it’s just in the Alpha stage.


Using images is so overrated. We’ve come to the point that we think we cannot make good games, stills or animations without images and image textures. We rely on them too much, ridiculous. I say let’s not bring back the use of images in Blender. In the end it’ll all be for the best…

I totally agree to that !

I personally don’t use any images for about 3 years now , and i’ve seen my competence explosing drastically …

anybody experience also the UV image loading also

even if you load the right file and folder name in Teture channel
the File was not laoded into the UV editor which is trying to find the file in the Root folder?

annoying bug !

hope it is corrected soon

happy 2.5

Yes, that’s the kind of thing that happens sometimes when you use beta software. File a bug report.