Wow Factor Blender Files

I just downloaded the Andrew Price Book the Wow Factor. I was supposed to get a link for the Bonuses but didn’t receive it. While the Book seems to be packed with some useful information using Nodes it fails to indicate where to find the Blender files he is using in the tutorials. Any suggestions on where to find the files I need to actually USE the E-book?


why dont you email him instead of asking it here?

he has a dedicated page for that:-

Blender Guru does not provide support. The link you provided refers to this forum.

I am still looking for a link to download the blend files he uses in the tutorials. I finally got a link for the Bonus’ which provided several very helpful video tutorials but again there was no reference to where to get the Scene5-start2.blend file he was using in the first tutorial. I do appreciate your reply though.

He doesn’t provide support for BLENDER. I’m sure that you can contact him about the source files.

Blender guru does not provide support means he doesent want to help ppl with their blender related problems coz he runs of time doing that. If you bothered to click that dropdown menu it says “wow factor” which clearly implies he will adress your queries regarding that. :slight_smile: Srry for not bieng able to help though, i have never been able to buy any training dvd or blender book.

I had a problem with paypal/ buying his wow book and e-mailed Andrew. He was the perfect gentleman and replied several times until the problem was resolved. IMHO he is one of the best in the business, if you have a problem, I think it is on your side. As it was in my case.

If I remember correctly, he only offered those bonus files to the first X number of people that ordered the book. (if you are talking about the two bonus tutorials and the vault) So, if you just ordered the book recently then you don’t get those bonus files. I may be wrong though.

That was the initial deal, but he had website trouble initially and had a lot of complaints from people who wanted the files and did not get them so he reverted and gave them to everybody who bought the book.

andrew price has a skype, but he never gets on it, and also, he doesnt have his email displayed any where (even in his site). all the stuff refers people to here, or other help sites for blender. He got tired of the 200+ emails he would get every day