Wow! Flash! is opesource finally! I just came across adobe announcement.

Sounds Good, but what exactly does that mean is little difficult to find out on that page.

However, thanks for pointing this out!

it could mean a working flash exporter for blender - if someone would take up the challenge. Just wish I am a coder.

It doesn’t actually say flash is open sourced in the article, just that the VM helping to be developed is used within the flash player. Considering my ‘comrades’ and I have been bothering Adobe/Macromedia for a 64 bit player for over 2 years with no result, I can’t really see it going O/S anytime soon, stick to h264.

Don’t get actionscript mixed up with flash. Flash has not been open sourced.

there are working flash exporters I thought? The flash format is legally available to anyone, I started a c++ flash file creator from the file specification documents, and for python you can use mingw, I don’t know if anyone’s tried that for blender.

“Available to anyone” != “Open source”

So the max 9 trial is open source too is it!
What exactly is being released as open source?

The Tamarin release will include the following components:

  • Source code from the ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2) as currently shipping in Adobe Flash Player 9, including the Just In Time (JIT) runtime compiler and conservative garbage collector.
  • A partial implementation of a prototype compiler written in ActionScript, which will be developed by the open source community to implement all of the ECMAScript 4th edition specification. This will be a “self-hosted” compiler that is written in the language it compiles.Is the ActionScript compiler used by Adobe Flex and Flash Professional being released as open source?

No. As noted in the previous question, the Tamarin release will include a partial implementation of a prototype compiler; this compiler is distinct from the compiler used by Adobe Flex and Flash Professional. The plan is to use SpiderMonkey’s compiler first and collaborate to develop the self-hosted ECMAScript 4th edition compiler.
Is ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2) the same as the ActionScript language?

No, they are distinct. The ActionScript Virtual Machine is responsible for executing the operations and semantics defined by the ActionScript language.

This thread belongs in other software!!! Or News and discussion.
Did anyone bother to read the article or just three words flash,open,source??

Thanks though I feel better knowing that ! = open source software.

Isn’t the information is enough for someone to create some plugin or exporter for blender?? As for information on swf format that has been always available looooooooooooooooong time ago from macromedia. I could forsee a integration of blender +/or c, python +/or actionscript + flash player.