Wow found my first img rendered

Hey! [!] I was lookin thru my files and i found the first thing i EVER made! this was after usin blender for maybe 10 minutes…

Can C&C if you want but theres no point
Just posting so other people can see how terriable it is to not know what ur doing… :smiley:

hhhmmm my first image one sec ill dig it up …dum dom dum dom ahah!!! found it

erm u can c and c that if u want hhmmm i might start doing stuff to it. should i?

erm daith your scisors i cant spell are cool :stuck_out_tongue: better then mine in my opinion :(.

Nice try for a first saved work, I would show my first saved work if it wasn’t corrupted :frowning:

aw too bad dude id like too see people first work see how far they’ve gotten since then .

The first work that I really rendered was something I entered into one of the weekend challenges (Weird Hat) a couple of years ago.

I think this was it anyway.


Edit - pic was too big for such a thread. Changed to link instead. :wink:

I’ll post my first render when i get home, it’s quite humerous how bad it is.

kl were not here too judge i like weird hat one looks cool and erm weird :P.

Here is my first work (meanwhile it is the only one, I am
still working on the second one, it will soon be
finished and posted in “finished projectd”).

I did try to upload it but it refused to upload correctly, it was a beveled cube in a bunch of partially transparent planes to make it look like it was disappearing into the distance, the only place I can view it is in blender.