Wow, got banned on my first thread!

I heard that the Blender community isn’t treated that well on sites like CGSociety. So I decided to ask a question, although somewhat sarcastic, about the bias toward the software and the people who use it. I got banned the minute one of the moderators, Leigh, didn’t like getting direct questions.

Although brief, and somewhat crude, I did think the thread speaks for itself toward the bias Blender users, as well as Blender the software gets.

Check it out and tell me your opinion:

The main question I had was rendering. Is Blender 3D inferior to Max/Maya, and the other software. You gotta see the answers I got.

As far as I see you are not banned. But it seems your writing style is managing you towards some punishment.

The CGTalk community was dealing with your provoking posts pretty well. Please accept it as it is.

I guess Leigh is tired of this xxx vs yyy threads that pop up pretty regular. They are pointless and easily distract from objectivity. BTW. we do not like such threads here either.

Finally it makes less sense to complain here regarding another forum.


PS: Sarcasm is always a bad behavior. Simply avoid it. It will not make you any friends.
(I used sarcasm too - and it is no good)

simple3d, as a user who is heavily biased towards Blender, let me put it in the most blunt (but honest) words I can think of:

You are an idiot.

Until that condition improves, I think it would be best for the reputation of Blender users everywhere if you refrained from posting in forums.

Congratulations, you have successfully managed to encourage the very same bad opinion about Blender users that you ostensibly question.

Blender reputation improvement manual:

  1. Make awesome art.
  2. Post.

glad that they ban you.


You went there to just troll and reinforce just about every negative stereotype there is about Blender users. Don’t be a fanboi on this forum or others.

I couldn’t have said it any better…

Congratulations, as of now you’re one of the reasons for it.

here we go again

Blender is an amazing piece of software… under the GPL limitation.

Which limitation is this so ?
You can’t be integrated into a studio’s pipeline to seamlessly open each other’s files or use tools and assets that have been built over the years -sentry66 cited-

Take it left it, dont care
thats the legit user preferences

the dev team is doing day by day an amazing work, adding new features and stabilizing the old ones.

And giving it for free -like a gift- for the digital artist community

This deserve respect.

I couldn’t have said it any better…

I couldn’t either. LOL

I guess Leigh is tired of this xxx vs yyy threads that pop up pretty regular. They are pointless and easily distract from objectivity. BTW. we do not like such threads here either.

Hey, are you sure? Clearly you missed some long threads here. LOL again.

Stop this madness! :slight_smile:

glad you got stopped, I hope they ban you here too.
what gives you the right to go trolling about blender?
on cgartists of all places.
op, you sir are a complete idiot.

You got warned because your attitude towards the other members was offensive. They weren’t saying anything about Blender being bad, they were just talking about your behavior and you somehow ended up misinterpreting that as a bias towards Blender and started bashing them for it. Well now you have contributed a lot to the actual existing bias against Blender users, congratulations.

I have been in blender hibernation for about a year. This is the first time I have had such a strong view I have logged in and made a post.

Everything I can already think of has already been covered here or on CGtalk. The reason blender may have a bad reputation is because of people like YOU. Blender has flaws, and these need to be accepted. Blender will not make you a good or bad artist, that is up to you.

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
is your computer bad? or you?
blender is great software, software don`t have to be bad. Only some guys very bad.:ba:

Great. Another data-point for those on CGTalk they can point to whenever the topic of aggressive, annoying Blender fanboys gets raised. Congratulations, you’ve just provided the very proof they need to make the claims you accused them of :no:

I went to the thread on CGTalk that the OP linked to. Troll. my favorite line from one of the users there was “The ‘joined-date-to-hostility ratio’ is strong with this one. Troll-a-riffic!” They must get this a lot over there as well.

To be honest, I’m surprised the conversation turned as civil as it did for a couple pages.


It may be worth your while reading through this thread:

Yes, people have disagreement’s in forums, here and everywhere else. But, the attitude you demonstrated in that thread is not helpful. From the tone of your original post here it seems like you are expecting support from other blender users. To be honest, I think all the responses you got on cgsociety were justified.

Yeah, and after all Blender got its fair amount of appreciation by one of the poster in particular:

[QUOTE]From the forum of cgsociety: Quote:

Originally Posted by simple3d

I noticed on here and other professional CG related forums that anyone who uses Blender is considered a bad artist.

A myth, for the truth is that the software is considered bad, not the artists for using it.

But in fairness, its also a myth that the software is bad - its just hard to get past its interface to give it a fair chance. Having studied Interaction Design, I can sympathise with those who install Blender, give it a try, and give up with in 10 minutes because they keep hitting brick walls with the interface. With a package like Maya…it does allow some exploration of its interface, whereas Blender requires some instruction before running off and exploring. Once you can deal with its interface, though, its surprisingly powerful. This is the primary reason its not used as much as other software in professional work - pros do not have the time to adjust to Blender’s radically different interface. So when you hear people calling Blender “crap” then its most likely because they haven’t got past that first ten minutes…take it with a pinch of salt and don’t get so upset about it.

by Boone[/QUOTE]


LOL, cheers, that was me! :smiley: