wow - if you like Ogre

Have a look at the demo -

It was new to me… I liked it and thought I would share…(probably the wrong forum - sorry)

Have you seen that game engine?!? That looks 10X better then Irrlicht and Orge put together. It looks like it has a nice user friendly interface too. Too bad it crashs on my computer. It gives me some type of DirectX error after I run it for about 3 seconds.

Not mine… I’ve been going through the resource editor thing… it looks like what Torque ought to be…
Definately worth a play

I’ve been going through the resource editor thing

I tried to do that too, but it crashes after 3 seconds like everything else. I think it is because my DirectX driver is complete garbage.

Why can’t they just have it run on OpenGL like every good program.

I think in the configurator thing you can select OpenGL… Have you got the latest version??? (0.47 - 14th september)

Good engine, but vehicle physics are for after 1.0. It’s still different from the Blender GE in that you can create your objects in the program where you use them in the game.

It’s only for Windows…

hm… this looks interesting, also it uses ogre as the rendering engine, so it has all these fancy graphics… i’m downloading it now

there is a tread here where people actually test this engine

it’s seems that its lacks of features …

I think in the configurator thing you can select OpenGL

:o Oops, I have it working now. Very nice may I add. :smiley:

It’s only for Windows…


Which makes it evil…yes, I said it.

Also the SDK looks horrible. That generic Visual Studio setup that you would usually find with VB -> Ugghhh, it’s making me puke.

they have the right idea, but this project is a little too under cooked for me.

Like most engines you have to export from blender , import your models to the map editor, place them, build map, and then check your content.

I am going to stick with Blender GE, and Crystalspace for now. Being able to just hit a hotkey and run around in my level has spoiled me totally rotten.

I like the mesh based AI they have set up. It really needs quite a bit more work, but they definitely have the right idea. The entity’s are quite nice too.

I dont like the idea that it is not cross platform, that is a big f#ck up in my opinion.Wonder why they cant port to linux or OSX?

Maybe it would be nice if someone could integrate Blender into the workflow of Neoaxis. They have definately got further than anyone else making Ogre available to non-programmers. I’m going to give it some time.
I want to do something big for my final project for my degree next year and want to use Ogre and it doesn’t look like Blender, the fine efforts of Ashsid, or RF2 will be there in time.
Interestingly I got to it through a thread on the RealityFactory forum. RealityFactory2 is going to use Ogre with python scripting… It’s all heading one way… (not so good for Mac and Linux users though… (anyone managed to get Blender working with the latest Ubuntu??))) .

I still love the BGE though :spin::spin::spin::spin:

thanks for posting that… looks like it could be very usefull for simple projects.

They have definately got further than anyone else

Actually, I think this NeoAxis engine was made by one person.

Yes his name is Ivan and he’s from the middle of Russia… but the marketing and English in the documentation are quite slick so I guess he has help.
If you want to use it commercially its more expensive than Torque as its $100 per game rather than per programmer.
Will continue to look at it. But I’m beginning to have that same feeling when I looked at Torque… Fabulous demo… then when you come to use it (in the case of Torque it was full of bugs).
Its really complicated know what entity you should use…there are so many… On the other hand maybe its a good way of learning about Ogre which I’m sure is very complicated.