Wow... looking good

Hello, it’s been quite awhile since my last post :slight_smile: I was just checking out the site and was really impressed with how things have come along here. I recognized some of the names on the animations, and thought I’d drop by and say hey. I’d really like to get back into Blender someday. Perhaps that can be one of those New Year’s things :slight_smile:

Take Care.

welcome back acasto! I was wondering what had happened to ya.

this mean you’ll be back on a more permanent basis then?

Hey acasto! Good to see you back. It’s been too long.


wow, nice to see you back acasto!

(in case you don’t remember me…I used to go around with another name…xwarrior)

heeeyyy acasto! thought id stop lurking in my usual corner and say hi. good to see you again. we’ve missed your free hosting :wink: …and your wit and charm and good looks :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to be back on a more permanent basis, just been pretty busy lately :wink: Between work and getting married, I haven’t had much free time. But I’m going to try and start setting aside more time to relax. I spend most of my free time now on the Gentoo Linux forums… but it’s a little too left-brained for me, I’d like to get a little more creativity back into my days.

Hey acasto! Good to see you posting again. Welcome back.

Hey Acasto, good to hear from you. Although I don’t have any experience getting married, I do understand about being busy… I haven’t been around here for a while either.

Hi acasto! Man! It has been a while.
Nice to “see” you again.

good to have you back! =-D

you’ve come at the turn of the tide 8)