Wow - peach development

Sorry if this has already been posted, but check out the peach blog if you haven’t lately!

The new features sound AWESOME. 2 million hairs in rendered in HD in under a minute?!
So far, it seems like Peach is going to be at least as successful (movie-wise and new-feature-wise) as elephants dream.

It should be, like ED the features we receive from it will be invaluable.

Yup, even if all we got was the new particle system its worth it. Darn its gonna be awesome.

I second that.

But there’ll be more than that as far as I know!:smiley:

It already to me looks far more advanced. The character designs are off the charts! I am very impressed so far. Of course I never liked the look or story of ED. So anything is better at this point I suppose

I liked ED a bit. It was their first try, gotta give 'em a break. Peach looks awesome and so do these developments.

The fur is incredible, I have reason to believe that Blender’s particles and strand rendering has vaulted to near the top of the industry because of Jahka and Bretcht, I notice the fur’s nearly the same color as on the rat in Ratatouille, but looks just about the same quality:eek: