WOW , really hot firefox trick !

if you press ctr while browsing and scroll the wheel , the size of the page goes up n down , and if you press shift , you go back n forward.

try it !

um, i’m really old, and I remember so much I forget, but i think it was in all of them way back when, for auto font size scaling.

But its cool to see anyway, now that we use all these fancy icons and graphics and such.

Ctrl + 0 to make it normal again.

News to me, but I haven’t been running FF very long.

Wow. Freaky…!

Ctrl & + or Ctrl & - does the same thing, Hereis a list of shortcuts and such.

DOM Inspector is pretty cool too. (Ctrl+Shift+I) . You will probably want to adjust its parameters to your choosing though.
I turned off the speech and changed the lens size and cursor color. It is kind of nice to have around though.