Wow. Sintel’s Cabin, sneak peek!

Just incase anyone missed the news.

Everything looks so nice. Durian team rocks!!:RocknRoll:

Great scoop bigbag! I always knew that somewhere within yourself was a great investigator and news reporter. I am a fan of sintel and am counting down to the seconds for the premiere of this wonderful project.

I’m glad that you liked my reporter skills. Well I’m counting down the seconds for kbot’s first time opening blender and not spamming this forum with average contentless blabber.

I’m so excited.

This looks amazing! Can’t wait for the release, good luck to the team!

@kbot: I always get the feeling that all your posts are sprinkled with just a hint of sarcasm. I guess it’s because of your neverending enthusiasm or something. But then again, you might just be an enthusiastic person… Hmmm anyways, you’re a mystery to me.

Well, he’s a bot after all.

That sneek peek already is so much better, quality-wise, than the trailer!
And the trailer itself had amazing top notch quality :smiley:
The reworked hair are just great!