wow thats not normal

(jat100) #1 In this file there is a fence and wen ur not running the fence itself is there but when u turn on the game engine the fence disapperes and only the bars r left iv try many things ( blender textures r off) its a bug thats bugin the hell out of me, please help

thanks Joel


(Octopus4) #2

for me in 2.44 it appears , but i saw that too , unselect everything and start the game … it worked with me with a similar issue …

saying wow in the thread subject made me feel like there is something special , lol …

edit :- sorry if i didn’t solve it


(ititrx) #3

Im downloading it now, but am guessing its a uv mapped alph image? or the the normals are pointing the wrong way?

Wow you are right it is a weird thing for sure, lol. I will have to play with it some more later, have to run now… Im sure a guru will come through here and explain it… good luck


(ititrx) #4

Got it! delete the vertex color thingy for the fence… right below the uv texture thingy… then you will see it… Whew… But I wonder why that was there to begin with?

Maybe just an accident. Sometimes I hit the paint verts instead of the uv face select and get that added…lol
Nice fences by the way…


(jat100) #5

hmm, yea thats definantly a bug thnx, i never would have thought it was the shading that did that, it worked before and then , poof gone well thanks man, hey tell me what u think of this its the level the fences actualy goes, on you will have to add the windows dll’s, yes u can clime that lader if u can get it down o and on the roof shoot the barrel and the barren by the ally at the other end off the street, by the freeway


(ititrx) #6

Very nice textures… but you can see the bushes turn and follow you, smile. The camera seems just a littl jerky and everything is a little too close for my comfort zone. But thats just me.

I really like it. I was lost for a bit because of the missing textures. I went for a walk through the building and fell down a shaft, that was fun because i didnt die! lol

Then I noticed what ever it was I was in was turning, so I thought I was supposed to jump to something… and of course I fell off the world…

But I turned around to see the models, lol…

I forgot what you had said here, so I just looked around, couldnt get the ladder down… I thought shooting it would work…lol didnt get to the roof, shot at some things but nothing happened…

Now after reading here again I will go try again. LOL. Thanks for uploading it…


(ititrx) #7

Oh, I did it with my first shot, lol… thats so funny, but after i FELL off the freeway, and played it again, it took like 5 shots, lol…

I like it, except the hole… The ASB paneling is a nice touch, lol.


(jat100) #8

? whats ASB paneling mean? o how many frames per second r u geting