Wow the iPod is awesome

Let me begine the story. My brother came home from work and threw is work clothes in the wash and dried them in the clothes dryer. When he took his clothes out he found his iPod in his pocket. Needles to say he was panicking. Well today we plugged it in and boom it came right on! Barely a scratch on it.

And this thing was soaking in detergent water for an hour an tumbling and smashing in the side of the clothes dryer for a dryer. And it works perfectly just like it did when he bought it. The only damage at all he can see is a little tiny nick on the headphones.

That’s pretty freaken durable!

All I can say is I want one now.

so? i laundried several of my mp3 players and nothing happened to them

nothing special about an ipod

Same thing with, for example, cell phones or even gaming cartridges.
Of course, the difference is that when something’s inside of a pocket, it’s got some protection. Not much, but some.

Small electrical items don’t usaly get damaged from water unless you leave it wet. I expect putting it in the dryer /washing machine kept the insides more dry compaired to real water damage (i.e. swiming in the sea with it in your pocket).

The only problem would be if you left the Ipod on (or any electrical equipment) when washing, then the chances of it still running are fairly slim.