Wow! This looks pretty amazing!

I came across this on youtube the other day:

Looks like it was posted about a year ago? I’d really like to see a hi res version, or even some stills. Does anyone know who made this? Or who this character is from? I tried searching thru Boris and Frazetta images, and didn’t see any that resembled it.

That is amazing. Tremendous detailing on the model, and excellent animation. Too short by half. I haven’t seen anything like that model on this forum. It does have a Boris Valejo or Frank Frazetta quality to it, but I think it’s the style, rather than their work. Imagine if it were in color :eek:

no way valejo, ima big fan. wife maybe.

Wow :eek: thats like somthing from the movies! we must find this person just think they must be doing now with more practice new versions or blender!

It’s one of my inspirations, been favorited in my youtube account for some time now. Should you happen to find him…let me know, lotsa praise.

Hmm, I have a feeling that that wasn’t done in blender…

Somehow the lighting doesn’t seem blender-ly. Unless maybe they have about 50 spot lights, the shadows are too soft.

I know Blender can do soft shadows, but that was as of a few months ago, not a year ago.

This doesn’t change the fact that it is pretty amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

Um Blender has been able to do soft shadows easily for years

just found this thread and watched the vid… gosh that’s amazing. I have no clue who made it… but that thing resembles a space marine-ish guy… I used to play warhammer, and I had the space marines.

Amazing detail, i want to know how he made the chain-armor…

Someone on this forum had a mini tute on making chain mail using image and normal maps. I tried it and had pretty good results. look here-