WoW trailer

i suggest that everyone here go watch the world of warcraft trailer. I just watched it, and it’s amazing, beautiful CG, please go check it out!

what is this going in blender animation, it’s off-topic

oh srry, wrong one :expressionless: anyway, who else thought its amazing

when i saw it i never blinked, not once, bloody amazing. I thought they actually found a real live dwarf for the first scene. first thing I thought was no freaking way thats CG

i agree, strategoi, IMO blizzard is by far the best game company, ever. there always way ahead in thier cinematics and gameplay, like D2 for example, for the time it ws realeased, its cinematics were amazingg, and still are quite good…even the first diablo had amazing cinematics for its time…even tho there were only 2… anyway, ive watched it several times now…im still stunned :smiley:

I didn’t watch the movie yet, but I agree that blizzard is the best game company out there today. I’d say the most creative company would be Lionhead Studios (I think they’re dead now) with Peter Molyneux. He’s a genius. Oh, by the way, Rockstar sucks. Can’t wait for WoW. (My brother’s girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend works for blizzard. I get the slightest hook up!).