Wrap an object with thickness and curvature around another object

I’m trying to wrap this strap structure around my model’s leg:

[enter image description here

It already has a thickness, so simple Shrinkwrap doesn’t work. I’ve learned how to use Surface Deform to wrap a thin, flat object.

But the object is flat. I don’t know how to build the lattice for my curved strap, or whether it’s even the right approach. What’s the best way to approach this?

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The surface deform modifier works also for this case:

  1. add a high-resolution cylinder close to the straps you want to wrap around the leg
  2. add a surface deform modifier to the strap (the thick ring in this case) and _bind_it to the high-resolution cylinder
  3. add a shrinwrap modifier to the high-resolution cylinder targeting the “leg”

surface_deform_leg_strap.blend (3.0 MB)

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